El Mundo & Zazou – All Along The Way (Official Video)

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Taken from ”A Mirror for the Sun [Compiled by Niki Sadeki]” that will be released on the 31st of August.
El Mundo & Zazou is the new-born symbiosis of a veteran DJ/producer and a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist. Their live performances take you on a journey from punchy Downtempo vibes to Melodic Deep House spheres – gently lifting you off your feet, and slowly but surely beaming the floor beyond the horizon.
Mirror for the Sun is a 14-track cycle of tempos, moods, and hums exploring different facets of a softly solar energy.The compilation departs from the Souq’s signature sound, infusing it with a rotation of new elements. Niki Sadeki’s curation brings more of an uncanny Berlin-style voltage to the label’s earthy tradition, shaped by her own learned perception of deep house. The result is a cosmic and crunchy experimental blend, with mingling moments of downbeat drama and upbeat glow.
Music by El Mundo & Zazou Release: 31st of August.
Video by Le Voyage Des Koumoul Label – Souq Records.

Download/Stream: https://souq.fanlink.to/AllAlongTheWay

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