Bjoern Stoerig – Mamoni [Stil vor Talent]

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More than a label, Stil Vor Talent is a family. As we reach our fifteenth year together, we honor and celebrate our artists, staff, crew, dancers, and listeners. We marvel at the thousands of hours of incredible music released. We respect the tenacity, skill, and courage of our artists. We tip our hats to the community we have created over fifteen years of throwing parties and festivals. With full hearts, we reflect on the laughter, the fun, the dancing, the connections.

Strangers have become friends, nights turned into days, and millions of steps have been meted out on the dancefloor as we journey with music together, creating pure magic in streets and clubs and festivals all over the world. This is acceptance, this is diversity, this is love. We salute you: thank you for helping us to keep the dream alive. We invite you to celebrate the collective evolution of fifteen years of diverse styles, innumerable talents, friendship, collaboration, and community under the Stil Vor Talent umbrella.

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