Thylacine – Sheremetiev (Official Video)

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Directed by Cécile CHABERT & THYLACINE Editors : THYLACINE & Cécile CHABERT Colorist : Théophile RAUSCH VFX : Mathieu GASPARD / Stephane STRADELLA Production : SONY MASTERWORKS & 27 FILMS Post production : ASILE & EVEREST Executive production : SPLASH PROD & INTUITIVE RECORDS Director of Photography : Jean Michel POULICHOT Sub marine operator : Valentin THIBAULT 1st Assistant OPV Sub marine : Marion BOTTE Phantom Assistant : Oscar KURKJIAN Gaffers : Blaise BASDEVANT / Tristan CHARLES Pool General Manager : Alexis LINVAL Pool General Assistants to the Manager : Louise GUTHAUSER / Tom PEYRAT Pool Manager Assistants : Zachary FLAUDER / Teo LABAT-TACON / Elise AUGER Prop Master : Simon Pierre TOURETTE

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