Dahu & Soul Button – Sentient (Original Mix)

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The long awaited Couple Affair series is back on the shelves. Soul Button, Nick Devon, Clawz SG, Dahu, Monarke and Strinner tie in their craftsman skills to unveil this fascinating four track release.

“Levitate” by Nick Devon & Soul Button opens the series with this masterful track and sets the tone for what’s to come. “Parallax” by Clawz SG & Strinner, gradually heats up and invites you on a journey through an abundance of progressive beats and synths, infused with melodic flares. “Centaurus” by Soul Button & Monarke, with its pulsating rhythm and synth echoes, will leave you hypnotized. The final contribution comes from Dahu & Soul Button, with the track “Sentient”. The two artists have brought their most powerful elements to the table. A true reflection of raw feelings and energy.

This memorable release brings the family together by showcasing the strength and harmony created by the pioneers of ethereal techno.

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