Flashback 2015-Nick Devon – Ode (Original Mix)

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Release Date: September 7th, 2015. Steyoyoke Recordings is notorious for high quality music and evolving sound. Constantly charging forward, Steyoyoke is proud to present Nick Devon’s newest EP ’The Poem’. Boasting three originals and one live mix, this powerful release is destined to turn heads.
Nick Devon’s composition ’The Poem’ strikes a deep vein with haunting vocals and elaborate, low-pitched instruments. The original mix featuring Miroir is a thought-provoking affair, it’s elaborate sonic qualities bound to stir the souls of deep house lovers.
The second track, titled ‘Ode’, is a spirited weave of Nick’s signature sounds that is rich in variation. Contrasting echoing strings with a deep and energetic bass line, this beauty of a track is the musical embodiment of vitality.
‘Anything’ featuring Shane Blackshaw comes two-fold as an original track and a stunning live mix version. The vocals unambiguously forge forward, ever-evolving and challenging the status quo, while a dissonant melody structure holds true to deep house. The Live Mix brings an emotional layer of complexity, adding on a sharp and more hardened demeanour that coalesces with the original into a boundaryless state of pure musicality.

LISTEN & BUY: http://www.steyoyoke.com/syyk036/ BEATPORT: http://smarturl.it/syyk036_beatport FEEDBACKS: http://smarturl.it/syyk035_feedbacks

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