STEYOYOKE TALK – A quick chat with, Modeplex

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You joined Steyoyoke a couple of years ago and just recently decided to release an album. What motivated you to do so and what was your inspiration ? 00:16 You’ve titled the album, “Days Of Change”. Tell us why you chose this title and what it means to you. 00:38 We know you like to play live, can you tell us a track that you absolutely have to play during peak time ? 01:09 Where and how do you see yourself as a producer and DJ in 15 years ? 01:38 Thank you Modeplex looking forward for your new album.

Steyoyoke Talk – once a month, we have a video interview with a Steyoyoke family member. Topics will range from upcoming projects, hobbies and daily life, to shed some light and give you a closer look on the artists behind Steyoyoke.

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