Simos Tagias – Bracer

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“Greek-born Simos Tagias has made significant progress since breaking into the scene back in 2012 and developing, since then, a fluid and rolling style that has been supported by an army of high profile fans and peers alike.

Opening his Sudbeat debut is the title track ‘Crater’ where deep beats and strings allude to the tension that’s just over the hill. Low slung grooves keep your feet locked on the dance floor and melodics creep into earshot leading to an epic break and driving conclusion.
Next up, ‘Bracer’ opens with a jangling percussive vibe and spiky bass notes. Gathering pace throughout, the main musical motifs reveal themselves in the powerful main break.
Finally, ‘Neutron’ thunders from the gate with huge, rotund kick drums and sparkly arps. Driving forward to the first break, a sonic maelstrom begins to form. One for the peak-time floors for sure.”

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