PREMIERE: Zek (AR) – Primal Bonfire (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]

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It turns out there’s a small passage on the back wall of the boss room/cave. It is dark, so among all the fire it can be hard to see. Walk through the little tunnel to find the primal bonfire.Nov 3, 2014

Primal Bonfires are special Bonfires which are found after defeating one of the four bosses holding Great Souls. It cannot be used to rest on, instead it will teleport the player back to the Far Fire Bonfire in Majula when used.Aug 6, 2014

How many bonfires are in Dark Souls?43 bonfiresBonfire locations. There are a total of 43 bonfires in Dark Souls if the Lordvessel is considered to be a bonfire, and 44 bonfires in Dark Souls Remastered. Of these, 20 (21 in Remastered) can be warped to after acquiring the Lordvessel. Google Search.

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