Elfenberg – Rebonds [Stil vor Talent]

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This four-track offering is the product of selective hearing: a journey which hits you right in the dance chakra.

Feel your eyes roll into the back of your head with ‘Rebonds’. Steady as she goes, this is a dark and trancey dance floor filler.

‘Skitiga Lianer’ is unapologetic, edgy and slightly off-kilter, channeling subterranean dark matter with a back to the future Baltic backdrop that slides into an oh-so-subtle breakdown.

Put some pep in your step with ‘Kahawa Tembo’, a wavy ravey Afro-tech gravy laced tune that’s sure to get a wiggle on.

‘Mozambique’ is heavy on the lush, lounge exotica vibe. It’s a warm, lascivious cut with a generous dose of sexed-up saxophone and uplifting vocal tips.

Enjoy this trip into ethno-techno sound sauvage unique to Elfenberg.

Homepage: https://www.stilvortalent.de / Facebook: https://facebook.de/stilvortalent / Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/stil_vo… / Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stilvortalent / Youtube: https://youtube.com/stilvortalenttv / Online-Shop: https://www.shop.stilvortalent.de/ / Twitter: https://twitter.com/_StilvorTalent / Instagram: https://instagram.com/stilvortalentmusic

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