Modeplex – Days Of Change (Original Mix) | Days Of Change ALBUM

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Modeplex adds a magnificent debut album to the list of incredible releases by Steyoyoke. “Days of Change” features 6 original tracks and a remix by Morttagua. The EP fulfills your mind with its uplifting and dark tunes. A melange infused with emotions and melodies to soothe your soul.

The first track, “Metanoia”, presents a dark and powerful soundscape; a combination that takes you towards ecstasy. Next, “Earth” is a mix of harmonies accompanied by dark elements giving the right amount of magic to heal and dance. “Earth” was also remixed by Morttagua, turning the track into an even deeper atmosphere, pulsating with breathtaking beats. “Days of Change”, raw and heavy, is a trip towards the stars where dreams come to life. “I Miss You”, brings you towards the softer side yet emotionally fulfilling, showcasing peaceful and longing qualities with the added vocals. Next up, “Magnetic Field” is a mysterious journey, liberating with its fierce beats; a definite tuneful experience. The final track, “Foreverness”, is sensual with combined soft synths and repetitive sounds turning your mind upside down.

“Days of Change” is a concrete and an out-of-body experience kind of EP. Modeplex has caught our ears with his fascinating tracks and resonating sounds, stimulating our senses in every way.

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