Soul Button – Cerulean (James Marley Remix)

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Soul Button unveils his newest 4-track EP, “Panacea”, on Inner Symphony. Representing a voyage to self-discovery and healing, this EP features two original mixes by Soul Button and two remixes by Tamas Skafar & James Marley. All of the tracks are infused with uplifting melodies, thoroughly elevating & nourishing your soul.

Kicking off with “Panacea”, an inspirational track that builds up towards a gentle atmosphere with a dark twist, leading the way with harmony and mind-bending loops. “Cerulean” exposes you to the vast world with its melodic and euphoric soundscapes. Feel the deep connection and travel through time and space. Tamas Skafar’s remix of “Panacea” adds a different sensation to the original. A softer yet more upbeat with the layered echoes and combination of drum beats. Next up, James Marley’s remix of “Cerulean” brings a soothing atmosphere with a sense of sorrow often appearing throughout and evolving to a tender finale.

A wondrous EP, displaying emotional and therapeutical sounds. Dive in deeply into this peaceful journey and let the music take over your senses.

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