Pig&Dan & Victor Ruiz — Consciousness — Drumcode — DC234

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Drumcode heavyweights Pig&Dan and Victor Ruiz link for their maiden collaborative EP.

The project begun in the first quarter of the year when the artists were still touring and was later completed during a series of productive sessions after lockdown – Pig&Dan members Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua experiencing a creative synergy with close friend Victor Ruiz that injected some lightness into an otherwise challenging time for the trio of producers.

Pig&Dan & Victor Ruiz — Music Takes You — Drumcode — DC234

‘Consciousness’ is driven by a catch low-end riff that’s powerful and funky in equal measures and is a particular favourite of Adam Beyer’s, highlighting the boss’ Drumcode Indoors II and Tomorrowland’s United Through Music stream. ‘Music Takes You’ is a delicious low-end roller driven by a punchy synth workout that drops down into a captivating vocal break made for big moments. ‘Paradise Lost’ is a widescreen melodic gem, comprised of a laser-kissed synth hook, crisp percussion and a clever low-end chord progression, giving it a classy timeless appeal.

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