LEGENDS OF THE OLD WEST | Dodge City Ep1: “Bat Masterson, Hunter & Hero”

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LEGENDS OF THE OLD WEST presented by Black Barrel Media. Bat Masterson hunts buffalo in western Kansas. He fights in the Second Battle of Adobe Walls. He plays a key role in an Army rescue mission. He meets his lifelong friend, Wyatt Earp. And the journeys of both young men lead them toward an up-and-coming cowtown called Dodge City.

Dodge City is in southwest Kansas. Boot Hill Museum celebrates the city’s frontier past with a recreated Old West street, gunfight re-enactments and historic buildings, like the former Fort Dodge jail. Located at the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame, the Gunfighters Wax Museum features life-size sculptures of legendary figures Wyatt Earp and Sitting Bull. The Home of Stone Museum retains its original 1881 furnishings. ― Google

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I use this video for education purposes. I am grateful to the author.

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