Charles Schridde, (American illustrator, born 1926)

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Charles Schridde, (American, born 1926)

“Born on 1926 in Chicago, but spent his childhood on a farm in a rural part of Illinois. His father died when Charlie was seven years of age forcing the rest of the family to move back to Chicago to find work. He received an art scholarship to the Chicago Art Institute at the age of 17. His schooling was interrupted by the war.
After his two years in the Navy, Charlie began a 25-year career as an illustrator, with work appearing in the “Chicago Sunday Tribune” and “Life” magazine. His clients included Motorola and Chevrolet.
At the age of 46 he turned to the camera and Detroit. Winning awards for his automobile advertising, his clients included Porsche, Audi and Chevrolet. The twenty years in photography helped him to work with design, which later helped him in the next phase of his career. He sold his studio and moved to Laguna Beach in search of California, impressionism and the plein-aire style of earlier painters. In keeping with an art theme, he met his wife at the Laguna Beach Art Museum.”

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