Alchimyst Vs. Coexist feat. Jasmine Knight – Move

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This time, label regulars Alchimyst have teamed up with Psychedelic Trance legend Coexist to deliver an experience that can only be described as “simply extraordinary” with their new single “Move”.

Debuted by Vini Vici themselves at Ultra Music Taiwan, “Move” left fans completely mesmerized and in total awe of this incredible fusion blend that delivers to you raw, unadulterated aural power.

Add to that… UK singer/songwriter Jasmine Knight, aka. “The New Queen of House”, on vocal duty, combined with the unique, powerful and driving sound that is signature Alchimyst… further blended with Coexist’s unparalleled musical creativity…

You’re left with a final creation in “Move” which is an unfettering fusion beast that charges up the dopamine and breaks the dance floor into a wave of pure euphoria, leaving you begging for more.

Hailing from USA and Switzerland, Alchimyst is comprised of two veteran electronic music producers and DJ’s that have an unparalleled vision for creating fresh new styles, which are born from their deep roots within Trance and Psychedelic music.

Immediately supported by Armin Van Buuren and signing their three debut tracks to Armada Music, with two of them being voted “Future Favorites” on A State of Trance…

Then having caught the attention of Vini Vici to sign them to their label know as the pinnacle of Psychedelic Trance – Alteza Records…

AND having three back to back to back #1 releases on Beatport in 2020, the Alchimyst boys seem to be on the road to even more significant success in 2021.

But it doesn’t end there!

Bring in Psychedelic veteran Coexist, most well known for his signature, progressive sound…

Coexist sprinkles his secret Psychedelic ingredients to elevate “Move” into the future classic category!

This is the same magic that has solidified Coexist as one of the most respected producers and DJ’s within Psychedelic Trance today…

Earning him regular releases and features with the most prestigious labels in Psy-Trance to have ever existed, including Iboga and Mainstage Records.

And last but not least, hailing from South London, and having received massive support for her voice from the likes of BBC’s Annie Mac and Roger Sanchez, the mesmerizing vocals of Jasmine Knight are the perfect icing on the cake to take this track to level of excellence required to be a proper Altea

Alchimyst: ▶…​ ▶…​ ▶…​ ▶…​ ▶​ ▶​ Coexist: ▶​ ▶​ ▶​ ▶​ ▶​ Jasmine Knight: ▶…​ ▶…​ ▶​ ▶…​ ▶​ Alteza Records: ▶ Facebook:​ ▶ Instagram:​ ▶ Twitter:​ ▶ SoundCloud: Records release.

Alchimyst Vs. Coexist feat. Jasmine Knight – Move ▶

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