Symmetric & Future Of Matter – Figures From The Past [AFFT004]

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Affûté continues to cast the spotlight on emerging talent with an EP from Symmetric & Future Of Matter. The Greek local heroes deliver 3 tracks exploring a more melodic sound, expanding the spectrum of genres represented by the label.

Between dazzling arpeggios and a broken beat, ‘Figures From The Past’ is a sensational opener. ‘Forgiveness’ gets deeper and merges softness with flair, while ‘Anomeia’ fuses a more hard-hitting rhythm and an entrancing melody.

Label Head Téo Dréan treats the title track with an abyssal stroke, transforming the sentimental ode into a warehouse-ready weapon. Never disappointing, Antonio Ruscito makes his presence felt once more. The Italian artist employs the dreamy tones of the track, blending them with his own signature synths, creating a track profound in its emotion. To wrap up the release, Hill Of Vision produces a tougher version of ‘Forgiveness’ with a solid rumble kick and countless layers of detailed progressions.

Out on an ultra-limited series of 12″ vinyl and all digital platforms from March 28, 2020

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