Ghost Etiquette featuring Aza Nabuko – Needed You (Sam Laxton Remix)

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Huge uplifting remix from AVA resident Sam Laxton as he tackles the gorgeous vocal number Needed You from Ghost Etiquette and Aza Nabuko! Injected with extra power and euphoric feelings, the British producer stamps his mark and crafts a remix that will turn heads and get feet moving.

You led me off track
Had me burning out
Wish I could take back
Everything that made you proud

I finally see it
A clearer
I let you project on me
Just like a mirror
But if it’s really like that
Why so I miss you now.

Oh I never knew I needed you
Oh I never knew I needed you
I’m still looking for a reason why
Looking for some piece of mind
Oh I never knew I needed you
But I guess I still do

After every fight
Every tear you caused
I don’t know why I keep trying
To be someone that you want

I’m stuck in a daydream
Just like a prison
When all that you made me
Was competition
Swear I was done with the drama
But I guess I’m not

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