say, in thirty seconds? I have their leader on hold

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In a ten-planet star system, the ship was stationary above the 7th world. Eketoria, and its ten moons, were the only habitable asteroids in the system.
With a double chirp, a pop-up badge appeared on the page Roan was reading. It was the Captain. He sat up straight and accepted the voice-only call.

“Yes, Captain, what can I do for you.”

“Roan, The Dominion, the political body of the system below, wants a holistic solution for population migrations. What can you put together, say, in thirty seconds? I have their leader on hold.”

“Captain, if they want their people to stay in their own world, I recommend coupling immigration with employment, education, and market strategy. The Dominion could conceptualize jobs as the planet’s number one trading commodity, the possibility of a better life in your own moon. Often, we see exporting jobs as killing the local employment market, but improving living conditions at the source mitigates emigration, and reducing immigration improves the local job demand. Finally, affluent trading partners provide new desires and specialization opportunities. Their products would be system-made, not just planetary. It’s a community-creating win-win proposition, Captain.”

“Thank you, Roan. I will put it to them. See you at dinner.”

WE&P by: EZorrilla.

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