Money – Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey

Minnelli began as a nightclub singer as an adolescent, making her professional nightclub debut at the age of 19 at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. That same year she began appearing in other clubs and on stage in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and New York City. Her success as a live performer led to her recording several albums for Capitol RecordsLiza! Liza! (1964), It Amazes Me (1965), and There Is a Time (1966). In her early years, she recorded traditional pop standards as well as show tunes from various musicals in which she starred. Because of this fact, William Ruhlmann named her “Barbra Streisand‘s little sister”.[19] The Capitol albums Liza! Liza!It Amazes Me, and There Is A Time were reissued on the two-CD compilation The Capitol Years in 2001, in their entirety.

From 1968 to the 1970s, she also recorded her albums Liza Minnelli (1968), Come Saturday Morning and New Feelin’ (both 1970) for A&M Records. She released The Singer (1973) and Tropical Nights (1977) on Columbia Records.

In 1989, Minnelli collaborated with the Pet Shop Boys on Results, an electronic dance-style album. The release hit the top 10 in the UK and charted in the U.S., spawning four singles: “Losing My Mind“; “Don’t Drop Bombs“; “So Sorry, I Said‘”; and “Love Pains“.

Later that year, she performed “Losing My Mind” live at the Grammys ceremony before receiving a Grammy Legend Award (the first Grammy Legend Awards were issued in 1990 to Minnelli, Andrew Lloyd WebberSmokey Robinson, and Willie Nelson). With this award, she became one of only 16 people – in a list that includes composer Richard RodgersWhoopi GoldbergBarbra Streisand, and John Gielgud and others – to win an EmmyGrammyTony Award, and Academy Award.[20]

In April 1992, Minnelli appeared at the tribute concert for her late friend Freddie Mercury, performing “We Are the Champions” with the surviving members of the rock band Queen at Wembley Stadium in London.[21]

In 1996, Minnelli released a studio album titled Gently. It was a recording of jazz standards and included contemporary songs such as the cover of Does He Love You which she performed as a duet with Donna Summer. This album brought her a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance.

In 2006, Minnelli appeared on My Chemical Romance‘s album The Black Parade, providing backing vocals and singing a solo part with Gerard Way on the track “Mama.”

Minnelli was nominated in 2009 for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for her studio recording Liza’s at the Palace…!, based on her hit Broadway show.

Minnelli released an album on the Decca Records label titled Confessions on September 21, 2010.[22]

Space Ambient Music { Cosmic Melody } Background Music for Dreaming, Study, Arts

A 2011 study in Nature Neuroscience – which claimed to provide some explanation for the overall value of music to human society – delineated, using MRI technology, the way that music affects chemical reward pathways in the brain. The McGill University researchers said that the brain’s response worked in two distinct ways, that “intense pleasure in response to music can lead to dopamine release” but also “the anticipation of an abstract reward can result in dopamine release in an anatomical pathway distinct from that associated with the peak pleasure itself.”

Ambient music, as a form, is all about anticipation; the gradual shifts between notes and slowly unfolding textures mean it is a genre of delayed gratification. If the brain can give off chemical rewards essentially for waiting, my nigh-compulsive obsession with this stuff makes a little more sense, but in 2018, I think anyone can understand the appeal of stillness.

This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

Kiasmos – Jarred, Every single day I find some jule and today it’s this


Kiasmos is a Faroese-Icelandic minimal, experimental techno duo, composed of Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen. They started in 2009 and released their first extended playThrown, in 2012 and their album Kiasmos in 2014.

In 2009, the duo started with the 65/Milo, a split 12″‘ release, together with fellow label colleague Rival Consoles. In 2014, they released their debut LP, Kiasmos, on Erased Tapes Records Ltd.[1]

The members of the group are Ólafur and Rasmussen worked together when Ólafur was a sound engineer for Rasmussen’s Bloodgroup project.[2]








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Every single day I find some jule and today it’s this 🎧💎