Star Trek Outpost – Episode 3 – No More, No Less – podcast

Episode 3 – No More, No Less

As the crew settles back in to the relative safety of Deep Space 3, they discover that Chief Knox has a dark secret…one the could spell the end of his career, when an unexpected visitor arrives on the station.

Star Trek Outpost – Episode 3 – No More, No Less

Lorrie Morgan – Watch Me

Lorrie Morgan – Watch Me

I was reading ilonas, post about leaving when it’s time to go. I started chuckling and thought, “Lorrie Morgan”.

It’s funny how things stick. It’s from a while back, but the sentiment is timeless. Sometimes you have to show them what life would be like without you.

Watch Me
Lorrie Morgan

The more I needed, the less you gave
I guess you thought that it worked that way
And now that I’m leaving
You’re not believing
A word I say

If you think I won’t go
Watch me
Oh, just watch me prove you wrong today
You don’t even know you’ve lost me
You think I’ll always stay
Oh, just watch me walk away

You keep telling me that it can’t be done
That the world is colder without someone
Yeah, it might get lonely
It might get crazy
But this time baby, I’m as good as gone

You don’t even know you’ve lost me
You think I’ll always stay
Oh, just…

Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 2 – From Bad To Worse – podcast

Episode 2 – From Bad To Worse

Inside the mysterious area of space known as “The Pinch,” Lt. Exler and Dr. Winston have taken an away team aboard the doomed Ferengi ship Profitable Venture in search of survivors. Just as the last of the away team is about to beam back, the Ferengi vessel explodes, crippling the Chimera. Adrift among a sea of debris, the Chimera now sits nearly defenseless as her crew works desperately to repair the ship and return to the safety of DS3. The crew soon discovers, however, that they are not alone…

Episode 2 – From Bad To Worse

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The Spiral Starecase – More Today Than Yesterday

The Spiral Starecase was an American pop band, best known for their 1969 single “More Today Than Yesterday“.

The band, from Sacramento, California, United States, was recognizable for its horns and lead singer/guitarist Pat Upton‘s voice. The group also included Harvey Kaye (organ), Dick Lopes (saxophone), Bobby Raymond (bass guitar), Gene Austin (bass guitar), Vinny Parello (drums), Mark Barrett (drums) and Al Sebay (electric guitar).

Starting as the Fydallions, they released that song, one album, and a few more singles including “No One for Me to Turn To” after signing with Columbia.

The band had hits with “More Today Than Yesterday”, released in January 1969, and the follow-up “She’s Ready”. “More Today Than Yesterday” has been covered by, among others, Sonny and CherDiana Ross, and Goldfinger, and was featured in the 1991 film My Girl, on the soundtrack of The Waterboy in 1998, and in an episode of Ally McBeal entitled Silver Bells.

“More Today Than Yesterday” peaked at number 12 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and number seven on the Cash Box Top 100.[1] It is ranked as the 50th biggest U.S. hit of 1969.[2] In Canada, it reached number six[3] and is ranked as the 63rd biggest hit of the year.[4]