Lane 8 – Stir Me Up (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

He may no longer be the “precocious” teen who cracked the music industry, but Jody Wisternoff is still not afraid to push the boundaries or test his own limits. His fearless attitude has seen him go from a 16-year-old playing his first club gig to cont..

He may no longer be the “precocious” teen who cracked the music industry, but Jody Wisternoff is still not afraid to push the boundaries or test his own limits. His fearless attitude has seen him go from a 16-year-old playing his first club gig to controlling the crowd at the Universe rave, preaching his musical sermon to an adoring congregation of 5,000 people. “[That] was incredible and pretty much the catalyst for me dropping out of college,” Jody says of his first taste of rocking a stadium show.

Although now putting the finishing touches to his long awaited debut solo album, it was back in 1986 that Wisternoff first put his stamp on the music world aged just 13 when he reached the finals of the DMC World DJ Championship and then 2 years later as one-half of Tru Funk, a hip hop/dance outfit with his younger brother Sam, who is now performing under the name SJ Esau.

After those days of innocence and his first forays in to music, Wisternoff became an unknowing pioneer in the rave scene as a member of Sub Love (with DJ Die) and Way Out West, his beloved tag team with Nick Warren. “[The] Sub Love days were fun because I was so young and the rave scene was in full swing,” he says with admiration and a certain sense of nostalgia. For hardened fans of dance music, who remember fondly the opening salvo Montana, it may be a little scary to think it’s been 18 years since Way Out West first emerged. The milestone isn’t lost on Jody either. “The early 90s rave era in the UK was unbelievable and was on a crazy scale. Pretty much all the young people in the country were into it. The pop charts’ top 10 was all dance music. [It’s] amazing if you think about it now.”

Fast forward to the present day though and despite having four successful albums under his belt as Way Out West, Wisternoff shows no signs of complacency. He is constantly evolving his sound with new tracks and showcasing fresh and experimental electronic music on his Frisky and Proton Radio shows every month. He has released solo singles on Ministry of Sound, Anjunadeep and Disitnctive, with which he achieved the much coveted ‘Beatport Number 1’ with his track ‘Cold Drink, Hot Girl’. Wisternoff spends much time touring all over the world, especially in Eastern Europe, calling it one of his “strongest territories right now….[but] it’s an issue of juggling family life with music at the moment, as I have two kids now,” he tells us, living what he calls “a really nice balanced life,” things have come full circle for this cheeky kid.

Lane 8 – Stir Me Up (Avoure Remix)

Ukrainian deep house dynamo, Avoure, has rendezvoused with This Never Happened for his three-pronged debut EP, U.

Avoure made his advantageous emergence earlier this year alongside the This Never Happened life-giver himself, Lane 8, for their effervescent collaborative single, “Let Me.” U, it appears, has been a long while in the making–seeing as Lane 8 has repeatedly spliced offerings from the project into his recent seasonal mixes, as he has done to bolster a sundry of other burgeoning label talent as of late, most notably, with Khåen.

U succeeds in spanning the fluid, chugging waters of its lead single, as well as the precipitous ripples and skittering hi-hats of “Aura.” To traverse the EP is to allow its deep blue grooves and subtle instrumentals–like the moody guitar interlude mid-way through “Floyd”–to penetrate the pores and fill the earbuds with a languorous listen that happens so naturally, the listener must actively remind themselves to observe the unfettered atmosphere around them.

The temperately transcendent EP should be filed appreciatively under “Easy listening for house heads.”

XI LUST – Toth

Key Words: Leo; passion; multidimensional creativity, talents; strength; integration of animalistic energies; overcoming old fears and conditionings.

XI LUST – Toth

The traditional name of this card is Strength. Crowley renamed the card because its meaning includes much more than the word »strength« expresses. Lust means more than vital strength, it includes also the joy in, and the enjoyment of, that strength; it means also passion. A woman sits on the back of a lion. In her right hand she holds the Holy Grail which is enflamed with the fire of love and death, and raises it into the heights.
The card is a representation of divine intoxication, divine ecstasy, divine madness. The woman appears intoxicated. The lion is also enflamed by lust. His seven heads are those of an angel, a saint, a poet, an adulteress, a daring man, a satyr, and a lion-serpent.

They symbolize different aspects and viewpoints which now unite and meld together as a single perceptive force in one orgiastic experiencing. They are independant of morality and limiting rationalism. The energy forms expressed here are those of an archetypal creative Order. The animal within is not tamed and integrated through struggle and repression, but through affirmation and surrender. The strength you gain in this process helps you overcome old fears and restrictive conditioning, represented by the folded hands and the faces of the saints seen dimly in the background.

The ten faintly radiating circles, scattered behind the woman and lion, show the fading old moral ideals which will now be replaced by the fresh ones pulsating at the top of the picture, symbolizing the new light which streams snake-like in all directions to destroy the world and create it anew. This process of recreation is again symbolized in the lion’s tail, a serpent with a lion’s head.

The woman’s head is turned completely toward the urn of fire. She is totally absorbed in the energy of transformation inherent in any total and conscious surrender. This is the secret of Tantra, the awareness which perceives the fullness of each moment and accepts all of life, rejecting nothing.

Lust reveals its valuable creative potential only when fully tasted, savored and drunk in. Only then can it be understood and be implemented in your own process of becoming aware. The way to the light passes through all aspects of darkness.

Indication: If you are ready to accept all which you find in yourself, you will be able to move through everything with deep sensitivity, awareness, love and understanding.

Questions: What areas of your life would you like to live out more fully?
What has prevented you from doing so in the past? Are you ready to deal with this anew?

Suggestion: Take everything in with more awareness. We often experience
emotions such as love, sadness, pain, rage or fear as obstacles only becaus we have never learned to use them as potential energy.

Affirmation: I enjoy living to the utmost.

Lane 8 ft. RBBTS – Visions (Rinzen Remix)

Here we have a remix of the previous post. Rinzen is a new producer out of Los Angeles seeking to create entire worlds with his music. Rinzen combines cinematic sound design with forward-thinking house and techno production to create something that is downright awe-inspiring. Rinzen’s biography.

Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 18 – Death Sentence

Stranded on this side of the Pinchot Expanse, the Sovereign ship reaches out to the crew of DS3 for help…but a terrible and tragic mistake dooms Chirrok…and may seal the fate of Deep Space 3 as well.

Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 18 – Death Sentence

Nox Vahn & Marsh – Serena’s Garden

Opening with distant wildlife sounds, an unassuming intro gives way to colossal pitch-bending synths in ‘Prospect’. ‘Follow Me’ sees the pair collaborate with American singer-producer Mimi Page to deliver a dream-like arrangement, whilst ‘Serena’s Garden’ (as heard on Anjunadeep 10) concludes the EP with ghostly vocals atop a backdrop of field-recordings.