Dedicate – Day 18 – Love | Yoga With Adriene

Welcome to your Day 18 Dedicate practice! A 20 minute practice to stretch, strengthen and anchor you in love.

I love this program because it really proves that you can get strong, toned, more flexible and stable in your body without having to push, crunch or put yourself down.

Today’s session is an opportunity to lovingly connect to yourself but also to the community, and I don’t just mean Yoga With Adriene.

What does it mean when a straight guy compares a gay guy with his girlfriends?

A man laughs at a man, pointing at him with his finger. The concept of shame and disgrace

Who is he really offending? What does it reveal? Possibly his disdain for his girlfriends, his homophobia, or his misogyny. Could it be all three? It befuddles me to hear someone who claims to love women beyond friendship, and then uses womanhood as an insult. Cheers and best wishes.