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Do you even know what’s edible and what’s not?

The Search By: Kassandra Dick Vancouver, Canada             The waning sun was warm on my skin, and when the wind went still it felt hotter than possible. It was early spring. I walked along the dyke, keeping my head down, listening to … Continue reading Do you even know what’s edible and what’s not?

LOVE – James Gallagher

Valparaiso Pictures, Metonymy, and Anchor Light present LOVE, a film about fathers, sons, and tennis. Written and Directed by James Gallagher Starring Boris McGiver, Will Hochman, Elise Kibler, and Susan Sarandon. With Jonny Rios, Gary Perez, and Michael Vasquez. Produced by Andrew Swett, Claire Macdonald, Emily McEvoy, and Renee WillettExecutive Produced by David Carrico, Claire McDonald, Kevin Hayden, David Brody, Lucy KingCo-Produced by Katy Hallowell and Zachary Luke Kislevitz Cinematography by Michael BelcherMusic Composed by Ernst ReijsegerProduction design by April LaskyCostumes and make up by Emily SchubertCasting by Rebecca DealyEdited by Drigan Lee and Arielle ZakowskiTitles Designed by Emma Berliner … Continue reading LOVE – James Gallagher

Volcom Pipe Pro 2018 FULL TV EPISODE | Red Bull Signature Series

One of the most iconic waves in surfing, the Banzai Pipeline, challenges a field of 144 world-class surfers at the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro. This year’s competition brought some of the biggest names in surfing including Jamie O’Brien, Joan Duru & Mason Ho to the North Shore to compete for one of the most coveted titles in the sport. The event delivered historic conditions and a down-to-the wire ending that won’t soon be forgotten. Fans can catch all the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro action as the 90-minute highlight show airs as part of the Red Bull Signature Series on FOX. Continue reading Volcom Pipe Pro 2018 FULL TV EPISODE | Red Bull Signature Series

Jesper Tjäder | Unrailistic 2

In 2015, Jesper Tjäder fueled the progression of slopestyle skiing with the release of “Unrailistic”, in which he showcased new and playful tricks on never-seen-before features. This year Tjäder is back with his notebook filled with new trick ideas and creative, never built features. New tricks include the Body Slide to Spin Out and obstacles like the Double Handplant to combinations of both, like the 450° onto an eight-kink rail. Every trick took days to plan and execute, with some taking well over 100 attempts to complete including one on a rail that is the highest park rail ever built. … Continue reading Jesper Tjäder | Unrailistic 2

Worlds First Double Superpipe Competition

Under clear blue skies, Colorado’s own Taylor Gold graced the top of the podium at the Red Bull Double Pipe event, the first-ever snowboarding contest featuring two 22′ tall, side-by-side superpipes complete with rails, wallrides, channels and other unique features scattered throughout the custom built snow feature. After a two-hour jam session in the morning, the top eight competitors advanced to the finals Sunday afternoon. Each rider took three runs, with the best run determining their score. To catch all the action from Buttermilk, tune-in to the Red Bull Signature Series on NBC Saturday April 12th at 2pm EST, or … Continue reading Worlds First Double Superpipe Competition

Space-Saving Parking Solutions That Are At A Whole New Level

Meet the AutostackerAUTOSTACKER·TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2018·The revolutionary Autostacker is the latest parking lift to hit both home and commercial markets for your car storage needs. With the strength to handle loads up to 6,000 pounds, Autostacker is the perfect mechanical parking lift system that doubles as a home car lift and professional stacker.Autostacker is no tinker-toy hobby lift, nor does it offer “more of the same” like its competition. Many parking lifts are initially designed for commercial garages and lazily shoved onto home buyers. Autostacker, on the other hand, is a car lift for your home garage that also blends … Continue reading Space-Saving Parking Solutions That Are At A Whole New Level

BIGGEST swell of the 2018 season – NAZARE

Today was a pretty rare one, a huge swell charged the coast of Nazare, and the wind was pretty calm in the morning. Surfline was calling for the swell to hit 25-30 feet, that is then magnified by the extremely deep canyon that leads up to Nazare, creating massive waves that we see here. This was easily the biggest swell of this season so far. Some amazing rides, and wipeouts today! Stay tuned for the RAW FOOTAGE, its coming up in the next video! Hopefully there’s an even bigger one on the way! Song: Lazerpunk – Anger Check out Lazerpunk;s … Continue reading BIGGEST swell of the 2018 season – NAZARE

GoPro: Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave – Uli Emanuele

Uli Emanuele pilots what is possibly the most technical and difficult BASE jump ever. For the past 3 years Uli has been dreaming about and preparing for what could be a world record jump. With just his wingsuit and hiking … Continue reading GoPro: Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave – Uli Emanuele

STREET SWEEPER – Rupert Walker

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, ‘Street Sweeper’, 1967. Rider: Brandon Semenuk Film/Edit: Rupert Walker Location: Barcelona, Spain Animation: Scott Waraniak VFX: Dan Gaud Audio: Keith White Photography: Hector Saura Music: Snake Eyes (Instrumental) – The Earth and Arrow (Licensing through Marmoset Music) Voice Over: Martin Luther King Jr. – Street Sweeper Speech Continue reading STREET SWEEPER – Rupert Walker