Avocado Acres House BY: Surfside Projects PHOTOGRAPHER: Darren Bradley

A sloping curved shed roof dramatically unifies, like a structural backbone, the three pavilions that define the plan view of the home and its courtyard space. Throughout the interior a constant engagement to the outdoors gives the home a grandeur that belies the home’s small footprint. Non standard shapes, direct connections to the exterior and functional spaces for the inhabitants is the soul of our design strategy. Straight lines with an angular street front geometry sits in stark contrast to the unique curvilinear roof profile. A simple color palette of the open interior space complements the muscular concrete walls and … Continue reading Avocado Acres House BY: Surfside Projects PHOTOGRAPHER: Darren Bradley

The North Face Presents: Lhotse

It’s not always what we achieve that defines us, rather it is why we achieve such things that creates clarity in our existence. In 2018, Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison completed the first ski descent of the 27,940-foot Lhotse, the fourth-highest mountain in the world. This is their story. Continue reading The North Face Presents: Lhotse

Monolink – Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix)

You get a phone call from the queen with a hundred heads She says that they’re all dead She tried the last one on It couldn’t speak, fell off And now she just wanders the halls Thinking nothing‚ thinking nothing at all Once there was a man Who had a little too much time on his hands He never stopped to think that he was getting older When his night came to an end He tried to grasp for his last friend and pretend That he could wish himself health on a four-leaf clover The Arabat Spit or Arabat Arrow … Continue reading Monolink – Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix)

Weaving Art Into the Fabric of Cities

By integrating data and engineering with craft, Janet Echelman builds large-scale art that changes human interaction with urban landscapes. Made out of high tech fiber originally created for NASA, Echelman’s sculptures use natural elements to create an interactive experience for onlookers. She works with computer scientists, artisans and aeronautical engineers from all over the world to bring her massive works of art to life. With installations across the globe, she’s proven that art can truly change the fabric of cities. Continue reading Weaving Art Into the Fabric of Cities