HTH005 Borderland State – Collider


Description: A collider is a type of particle accelerator involving directed beams of particles. Colliders may either be ring accelerators or linear accelerators, and may collide a single beam of particles against a stationary target or two beams head-on. Wikipedia

Elska – Mr Violet [Original Mix]


From Old Norse elska, from Proto-Germanic *aliskōną (“to care for, cultivate, cherish”), from Proto-Germanic *aliskaz (“dear, precious”), from Proto-Germanic *al- (“to spur, drive, be enthusiastic”), from Proto-Indo-European *el-, *lā- (“to drive, move, go”).

Verb, to love
elska (third person singular past indicative elskaði, third person plural past indicative elskaðu, supine elskað)

Cid Inc. & Orsen – Ten (Original Mix)

1 : a number that is one more than nine. 2 : the 10th in a set or series wears a ten. 3 : something having 10 units or members. 4 : a 10-dollar bill.

Usage and terms. A collection of ten items (most often ten years) is called a decade. … To reduce something by one tenth is to decimate.

The number 10 is a powerful symbol for the subconscious. It represents the end of a cycle. It is a sign of a strong connection to the Divine. In the bible we hear of the 10 commandments given to Moses, as well as the 10 plagues which struck Egypt.

The Tarot card corresponding to 10:10 is the Wheel of Fortune! This Arcanum represents the end of a cycle which will turn out positively for you. It will bring you success and good luck! There are great changes in the works, and they will all be to your benefit!


“I realized that life is actually pretty simple.” – a book that I felt involved in, even if tangentially

Adm. William H. McRaven (USN, Retired) has written a very good book. His experiences alone are admirable and worthy of praise.  However, what got me most involved in the book were his tales of growing up in San Antonio, Texas.

Sea Stories” not only let me learn about his life of service and duty, but also brought back some of my own memories. It is a book that I felt involved in, even if it was tangentially.  

Below is the full quote of the sentence I used in the headline.

“I realized that life is actually pretty simple. Help as many people as you can. Make as many friends as you can. Work as hard as you can. And, no matter what happens, never quit!”

“Sea Stories”, pg. 333

San Antonio, Texas was at a 300-mile drive from Monterrey, Mexico or a 40-minute flight on the now defunct Mexicana Airlines. My father had banking relations in San Antonio and ties to the Incarnate Word College, to which my grandmother was relocated as a child during the 1910 Mexican Revolution.

San Antonio was a place I visited often from Monterrey and later moved to for college. I graduated from UTSA and lived there for more than 30 years, having businesses in both cities.

“In my journey, I found that there was always someone better than me: someone smarter, stronger, faster, harder-working, more talented, more driven, more honest, more pious—just better than I was. It was humbling, but at the same time immensely reassuring.”

“Sea Stories”, pg. 332

Cheers to those that make history, and write about it.