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  • “Hey, Sarah, is this the right guy?”

    Sci-fi Assassins 3

    By: Parker Randall

    San Antonio, Texas.

    Looking from his vantage point, Cole sees his target below. He keeps his distance watching as the target moves about the street and talks to his lackeys. The target starts yelling at them and Cole shifts to the right and begins to hone in.

                “Hey, Sarah, is this the right guy?”

                “Hold on, the scanner is still processing,” he hears the static response. “See if you can get to a better angle.”

                “Well, that seems a little hard to do with the sniper lookout,” Cole says, eyeing the woman in front of him. “Can’t move while she’s there.”

                “Take her out, dingus.”

                Cole chuckles before approaching the lookout from behind. He shoots her with a dart and the gunman falls silently. Cole then maneuvers into the spot she was standing in to get a better look at his target.

                “Is the scanner working now?”

                “Much better,” Sarah’s voice scratches out. “Confirmed Jack Bowlin. But kill him when he’s away from his lackeys.”

                “Copy that, Captain,” Cole adjusts his line of sight and patiently waits for his target to move. He is a good assassin and knows the cost of getting trigger-happy. He’ll stay on the rooftops and wait for the perfect moment to strike before returning to base.

                He doesn’t have to wait long when Bowlin walks away to talk on the phone. Now’s his chance. Cole quickly scales the building and comes up behind his target. He moves to pass him and quickly unsheathes his blade to take Bowlin out without causing a ruckus. A quick slash and the man begins to fall. Cole drags him out of view before ziplining back to the roofs.

                “Mr. Bowlin is taken out, Cap,” he says playfully in his earpiece.

                “Aren’t you a good cookie,” is the smartass reply he receives before being told to return to base. Cole smiles and makes his way across the rooftops before arriving at the black floating cargo ship in port. He slides onto the anchoring rope before making his way to the lowest entrance beneath the crew’s eyesight.

                “What up, Cap,” he says snarikly upon seeing Sarah at the desk.

                “Aren’t you hilarious? I can’t possibly contain my laughter,” she deadpans and continues logging the last mission.

                “I’ll be here all week!”

                Sarah simply rolls her eyes before finishing up her project. Cole moves to sit beside her but falls to the ground with a harsh thud while she laughs uncontrollably.

                “Hey,” he yells before turning to see that Sarah is holding his chair in her hands. “What the hell was that?”

                “April Fool’s,” she guffaws. “It’s our first holiday back on Earth since we went to the academy so it was only fitting to celebrate.”

                Cole rolls his eyes and moves to stand while she hunches over, crying and grabbing at her sides.

                “It hurts, god.”

    “Good, you deserve it,” he says with sass before wrenching his chair back and sitting down. “What’s next?”

                “Uh, apparently we have a woman named Lily Nation to take care of,” Sarah replies getting a hold of herself.

                “Lily Nation? Where is she?”

                “She is in the Teather Realm somewhere on an asteroid.” Sarah is plugging away at the computer.


                “You know, with the spaghetti monsters? Donna’s vacationing there.”

                “Oh yeah. Well good, cause I never want to come back to Earth when it’s a holiday.”

                Sarah laughs and begins to move around the cabin. “Coffee?”

                Cole takes it with a smile and immediately spits out the gross liquid (snail slime) he took a sip of.

                “April Fool’s!”

                He groans. It’s gonna be a long day.

    By: Parker Randall

    San Antonio, Texas.

    Photo: Calgary public Library.

    Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

  • “Ah, I’m sorry. I forget to explain sometimes.”

    Sci-fi Assassins 2

    By: Parker Randall

    San Antonio, Texas.

    “Hello, Sarah,” he smiles and holds out his hand. “Nice to finally meet you.”

                Today’s the day she’s been waiting for. It’s her shipping out day. She was sent to meet her representative today and found him on this cargo ship. She’ll finally be reunited with her best friend at the Academy and become member of the Order.

                “My pleasure, sir,” she shakes his hand.”

    “You can call me 23. I’m the member who scouted you.”

    “23? That’s your name?”

                “Ah, I’m sorry. I forget to explain sometimes,” he chuckles. “The Order is a secret organization and there are ways to keep identities under wraps including calling agents by their assigned number.”

                She nods understandingly before 23 invites her to take a seat while proceeding to a desk. She sets down her bags and rests in a large red chair opposite the desk while he pulls out some files. There’s a moment of silence before he looks up and addresses her again.

                “So, you’re going to the Academy. Our purpose is to train agents for the Order. Our organization works in secrecy and in shadows, using stealth and Intel to take out our targets. Your job from here on out is to learn the ways of the Order at the Academy and train with your class to become a top agent. Do you understand?”

                She nods her affirmation.

                “Alright,” 23 says. “Now, you’ll have an assigned number following your training. Be aware that what awaits you is not an easy task. You will be pushed past your limits and you will be expected to perform even in the worst conditions. You will be starving, sleep deprived, and suffering. But upon graduation you will join the ranks of the best agents in the world.”

                Sarah nods. “Yes, sir. I’m ready.”

                “Good, then we shall be off.”

                23 moves to the stowaway door and Sarah follows him after picking up her bags.

                “Leave them,” he calls over his shoulder, “You won’t need them.”

                She nods and leaves her bags before following him onto the deck quietly. He pulls a trigger and a grappling hook launches out into the open space with a large metallic clink. He motions her forwards, attaches a carbine hook to her belt, and launches up for the wire to pull them through the air. Sarah hears the ear deafening wind rushing about her and looks at the ship as they go into the sky. It disappears in the clouds and she looks above until there’s a large granite building in her field of view. They finally reach the ground level and 23 pulls her onto the pavement.

                There are battalions of students around the lush, green campus and others arriving in wonder just like her. 23 calls her attention and removes the hook from her belt.

                “Remember,” he says quietly. “This is not supposed to be a fun experience and you will probably not like it. But I scouted you and I know just what you’re capable of. So you use your determination and wit to get you through and I’ll be at your graduation, alright?”

                Sarah smiles and nods her head.

                “Good,” he smiles in return. “I’m rooting for you.”

                All of a sudden a blaring alarm goes off and 23 disappears in smoke while she hunches over. She hears commands to move but is so disoriented that a burly man had to grab her and shove her in line. This is it. Her training starts now.

    By: Parker Randall

    San Antonio, Texas.

    Photo: Calgary public Library.

    Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

  • “Of course I am,” Cole says. “The Order chose me!”

    Sci-fi Assassins 1

    By: Parker Randall

    San Antonio, Texas.

                “Hey, future roomie!”

                Cole looks up and chuckles at Sarah’s actions before continuing to pack his bag. He’s too far behind schedule to focus on her and he checks the clock on his beside table realizing he has ten minutes until they come.

                “Oh, come on,” Sarah pokes at his shoulder. “You’re not even gonna respond?”

                “Sarah, you know I have to go soon and I haven’t even finished packing.”

                 Sarah sticks out her tongue playfully before moving to sit on the bed. She supports her weight and watches as her best friend packs for the academy. Cole has been accepted to the Order and is shipping out today. He will be completely consumed by the academy and everything from home will be pushed to the backburner.

                Sarah isn’t going with him because she is too young. The Order has told her family she is being scouted but she is too young to go. So, she will sit and wait at her home while her best friend disappears from her life.

                “So, are you excited?”

                “Of course I am,” Cole says. “The Order chose me! I’m going to train and become one of the best agents they have.”

                Sarah nods and tries to smile but it doesn’t quite come across.

                “My parents were the best in their class,” he continues. “My father was the most aggressive and my mother was the most elusive.”

                Sarah knows that once Cole starts talking about the Order he never stops. No use in trying to talk so she drowns him out.

                “Hey, are you okay?”

                Sarah snaps her eyes open and makes eye contact before sitting up. Cole has a genuine look of concern and sadness in his eyes.

                “Yeah, I’m fine,” she responds. “I’m just worried.”

                “Worried about what? The Order will take care of me,” he says faithfully.

                “I know, I know,” the brunette looks away and hunches over. “I’m just worried that…that you’re going to forget about me.”

                Cole stops packing and looks thoughtfully at his best friend before moving to sit beside her. He places his hand on her shoulder.

                “I would never forget you, Sarah,” he says genuinely. “You are my closest friend and my confidant. We grew up together and remained best friends all these years. Besides, you’ll be joining me in no time and we’ll run the place,” he chuckles and wraps her in a hug.

                Sarah hugs him back before moving to lie back down. Cole continues packing while Sarah throws an ooblong at his ceiling to see if it’ll stick.

                Before long, Cole’s mom yells up the stairs that it’s time to go and the two move towards the front door. A large man in a black suit is waiting there and Cole goes to say goodbye to his parents. When the blonde haired boy comes back, Sarah is crying.

                “Hey, now, stop that,” he says softly before embracing her. “You know you’ll see me again. You’ll join me in a year and we’ll pick up right where we left off, I promise.”

                Sarah silently nods while pulling him closer.

                “And if you ever miss me too much, go to our hideaway and make some new carvings. I’ll always feel it.”

                “I know,” she responds sadly before pulling away. “Now go, the Order is waiting.”

                Cole squeezes he shoulder before turning to the man. The man picks up his bags and starts to move out the door with Cole following suit. But before he clears the doorway, he turns one last time and smiles at Sarah. “See you soon, future rooomie.”

    By: Parker Randall

    San Antonio, Texas.

    Photo: Calgary public Library.

    Produced by: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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