The Beloved One (Original Organ Mix) · DJ Thes-Man, Tobetsa Lamola

beloved Your beloved is someone you love. You can also talk about a beloved pet or possession. You probably have some things you really love: a bike, a skateboard, a book, a DVD, maybe a souvenir from a trip. Those are beloved possessions — you really like them a lot. People also talk about beloved family members, beloved pets, and beloved friends. This is a word for things and people you’re crazy about. And if you’re feeling really crazy on Valentine’s Day, go ahead and tell your crush that she’s your beloved. Continue reading The Beloved One (Original Organ Mix) · DJ Thes-Man, Tobetsa Lamola

Saviour (Dub Mix) · Dean Deluxy

sav·ior /ˈsāvyər/ noun noun: saviour a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure. “politicians of the era usually portray themselves as the nation’s saviors” Dictionary Continue reading Saviour (Dub Mix) · Dean Deluxy

Journey · Vinny Mash

What it means to be fearless? Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. Rather, it’s the mastery of fear. Designing a Fearless Life doesn’t mean all your fears will disappear. Designing a Fearless Life means you will boldly move in the direction of your fears until you overcome them. What Does It Mean To Be Fearless? – Peter Scott › fearless Continue reading Journey · Vinny Mash

Over & Over (Club Edit)

Edm, Hip Hop, Pop And House Music Producer Engineer AFRO HOUSE WHAT IS AFRO HOUSE? AFRO HOUSE ORIGIN, MEANING AND HISTORY… Afro House is a sub-genre of House music, with its roots predominantly in South Africa. A fusion of Kwaito, Tribal, Deep and Soulful House music, in South Africa it is classed as Deep House or Soulful House, although it has its own unique sound. Africa is the birthplace of mankind and music, and this is reflected in the musical style – particularly in the “stripped back” original percussion sounds and rhythms. Prominent places in tune with the sub-genre are … Continue reading Over & Over (Club Edit)