EarthLife feat. Eleonora – To You (Original Mix)

talian DUO EarthLife are back with their new EP, the ”A New Dawn” to Steyoyoke. Featuring 6 original tracks, taking you to a self-transcendence journey with a blend of euphoric vocals and dark melodic tunes.

Commencing with “A New Dawn”, we begin wandering through a fanciful experience engaging us with enchanting sounds; an introduction to the second track “To You” delivering a blend of melancholic rhythms and mesmerizing vocals. “Forget Your Soul” presents an electrifying feeling, freeing every inch of your mind. Next, “Incanto”, the literal translation of enchantment, illuminates your soul with undulating frequencies, indulging you in daydreams and fantasies. Last but not least, “Eclipse” expands your world with an enigmatic sensation sending you towards the universe that you crave. Lastly, “Freedom” is a spiritually liberating track, with its deep symphonic tunes, transporting you onto a mental and an emotional adventure.

EarthLife demonstrated their ability in producing nothing but quality with each song displaying remarkable traits unfolding your deepest secrets on the dance floor.

Late Night Alumni & Lipless – Just A Dream (Dezza Remix)

Back on Ride after the huge success of Late Night Alumni’s (Kaskade’s band) Empty Streets The Remixes Part 1, we’re thrilled to re-release another classic this time with Lipless entitled Just A Dream! Including remixes from shooting stars Dezza and Nitrous Oxide this pack is sure to impress!

Sous Sol – Dizzy Rhythm


Calm plus harmony creates pressure and power. When it comes to music, especially club music, there’s a lot of truth in this phrase. Sous Sol’s music is generated by two individuals, Teo and Lukas, who are putting their entire personalities into their art.

At the young age of six, Teo learned to play the piano, which later inspired over a decade of DJing. Lukas first found his love for DJing in 1996 and has since incorporated other sounds into his repertoire, including 12 years experience with the saxophone. Both artists have used their musical backgrounds to excel in creating unique tracks.

For the last two years the dynamic duo has been working hard in the studio. Since, they’ve seen a rapid increase in their fan base and demand for their music from both, local and foreign clubs alike, which leads to shows at Kater Blau, Wilde Renate, Plötzlich am Meer and “Mir Dir Festival” in Berlin for example. In Switzerland Sous Sol are veterans mixing music and can frequently be heard at popular club such as Nordstern and Hinterhof in Basel, Hive, Supermarket, Revier or Klaus in Zurich (Zurich), as well as at ROK and Uferlos in their hometown Lucerne.

Their releases have been published on imprints like Gorge’s Re:fresh Your Mind and on Mihai Popoviciu’s Cyclic Records. Additional stations include: What Happens, Bondage Music, Hive Audio and Marcus Meinhardt’s Heinz Music.
Lukas is also the manager of the club Uferlos in Lucerne, which gives him a good look behind the scenes look.

Overall, Teo and Lukas are true club musicians who know their turntables like the back of their hands and as they never stop exploring the musical world they live in, the duo is successful in creating fresh new music.

Corsten’s Countdown 640

In Corsten’s Countdown 640 you will hear new music from Tinlicker, Shedona & Smallow, Beatsole and a cool new bootleg remix of a classic from Above & Beyond! From which city / country will you be tuning in?


XtetiQsoul – Mercy Me (Feat. Lady LeSoul)

I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.
Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

Hope you will enjoy

Harrys Alestas

Sultan + Shepard, Rock Mafia & Bahari – Miles To Your Heart (Sultan + Shepard VIP Mix)

Miles to Your Heart
Bahari, Rock Mafia, …
Oh, I’m on my way
Counting down the miles to your heart
Oh, I can hardly wait
I just want to be right where you are
I just want to be right where you are
I can’t stand the distance
It’s like a hole in my sky
Yeah, all this independence
It’s just a waste of my time
Don’t need navigation
I’ll just follow the signs
There’s no holding me back now
Yeah, I made up my mind
Oh, I’m on my way
Counting down the miles to your heart
Oh, I can hardly wait
I just want to be right where you are
I just want to be right where you are
I’m counting down the miles
Don’t need an invitation
Yeah, I know how you feel
I’ll drive as long as it takes me
I got both hands on the wheel
Oh, I’m on my way
Counting down the miles to your heart
Oh, I can hardly wait
I just…

Source: Musixmatch