Lastlings – I've Got You

RÜFÜS DU SOL’s ROSE AVENUE RECORDSROSE AVENUE RECORDS·WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2018· We made this last record over a period of a year living together in a little house in LA. Our partners, friends, collaborators cruised in and out of the house all day. It was home to everyone who visited, and our friends named itRoseAvenue- after the street it was on. With this label we wanted to continue that feeling of creating a home for us and our friends, bringing the specific style of electronic music we love to the world. We’ve been in the position where we made an … Continue reading Lastlings – I've Got You

The Godfathers of Deephouse SA – Can't Get Enough (Nostalgic Groove)

groove A groove is an indentation or rut in something — like the grooves on an old record. Groove is rooted in an old Dutch word for “furrow” or “ditch.” And that’s just what a groove is: a carved out line, like wheel ruts in a muddy road or the narrow opening that a sliding door moves in. If you can’t “find your groove,” you feel off track and out of whack. But when you’re “in the groove,” everything is working smoothly and you’ve found a good routine. And if someone says “let’s groove!”, they want to dance. Continue reading The Godfathers of Deephouse SA – Can't Get Enough (Nostalgic Groove)

PREMIERE : Paul Deep (AR) – Redeem (Original Mix)|PlattenBank|

“MK50/Redeem” is Argentine producer Paul Deep’s first solo release for the Munich based label PlattenBank. The vivid, mesmerizing recording takes listeners on a hypnotic voyage with unique takes on underground dance music. Paul experiments with subtle arrangement interventions, which proves to be both an intellectual challenge and a link to the music of the South American experience. Deep’s studies have resulted in a sound that fuses the most forward-thinking aspects of progressive house with the excitement of percussive electronica. This two track audio journey feels thoroughly contemporary but also hints at the classic sound of the 1990’s. As with the … Continue reading PREMIERE : Paul Deep (AR) – Redeem (Original Mix)|PlattenBank|

Marcus Meinhardt – Lost Paradise (Original Mix) [Dear Deer Records] [DD183]

Historical Context of Paradise Lost Relates to: Paradise Lost Illustration from The Temptation & Fall of Eve, from William Blake’s Milton, a Poem, 1808. (Wikimedia Commons) Illustration from The Temptation & Fall of Eve, from William Blake’s Milton, a Poem, 1808. (Wikimedia Commons) Milton’s life and career coincide with one of the most revolutionary periods of English history. King Charles I, who had ascended to the throne in 1625, believed in the divine right of kings to rule by personal fiat and had effectively dissolved Parliament in 1629. Meanwhile, continental Europe was awash in blood from the religious and political … Continue reading Marcus Meinhardt – Lost Paradise (Original Mix) [Dear Deer Records] [DD183]

Pete K – Enouement

Portuguese Producer / DJ Pete K brings his first single release to Colorize with ‘Enouement’. A driving song that builds and swells lusciously with a throbbing bass and delicately arpeggiated synths, ‘Enouement’ was featured as part of Colorize’s ‘Colorscapes’ Compilation mixed by Matt Fax and Dezza, one of the highlights of the latter’s mix. ‘Enouement’ by Pete K, here on Colorize. ▼ Connect with Colorize: Web: Spotify: Beatport: Facebook: Twitter: SoundCloud: Instagram:… ▼ Connect with Pete K:…… Continue reading Pete K – Enouement

Martin Andrioli – Ghosts (Another Audio Noir Odyssey)

Stellar Fountain is a hungarian electronic music label, established in 2011 by Erich Von Kollar, MiraculuM (Gyorgy Udvardy) and Greyloop (Gergo Németh). In the last few years they became a massive, strong brand in the underground progressive house-scene, presenting overall 600 releases plus 50 compilations including very well known names like Cid Inc, Deepfunk, Juan Deminicis, Derek Howell, Paul Hazendonk, Silinder, Marcelo Vasami, Dmitry Molosh or Robert R. Hardy. With more than 210 TOP100 Proghouse releases, 35 TOP100 Proghouse tracks and more than 90 weekly official chartings on Beatport we can easily declare that Stellar Fountain can not be avoided … Continue reading Martin Andrioli – Ghosts (Another Audio Noir Odyssey)

Marsh – Soul

Release Date: 28th June 2019 – Following his collaborative single ‘Like You’, and the driving ‘Prospect EP’ which saw support from BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart, Marsh continues his run of stellar releases with the ‘Soul EP’, his first solo EP on Anjunadeep. Whether it be the deep grooves of the title track, hard arpeggios of ‘Estes’ or the hypnotizing arrangement of ‘Surrender’ featuring Mariel Beausejour’s sweet vocal, the three-track EP sees the Cincinnati-based producer assert himself as a prodigious talent. Follow Anjunadeep: Youtube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify:… Instagram: Google+:‬ SoundCloud: #Anjunadeep … Continue reading Marsh – Soul