Angelov – Retrida (DIYNAMIC120)

An artist’s first ever release is always an exciting occurrence.
In this case, it’s the “Cabora EP” by Ukrainian DJ and producer Angelov, whose tracks Solomun has played in many sets around the globe. This and the fact that Solomun passed the tracks on to a few of his high-tier DJ friends created quite a buzz on social media for the young artist.
An EP with four rousing tracks now marks the beginning of Angelov’s producer career. If this is the beginning, the future of this young artist sure looks promising.


London Grammar – Strong (XtetiQsoul Remix)

✭ Child Of House was created by two cousins/brothers Alejandro Papatzikas & Vasilis Antonis Polikandriotis. We are from Greece/Thessaloniki/SKG. We adore music we want to share good music. We don’t have anything to win from this except the good vibes that we are sharing between us and we spread them all over the world. All this situation is being created from Music.


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything..”

We started to share music to the people at the end of 2012. All we want is to publish-share-spread the love for music and we wll keep doing it as long as
1) Good music is being produced
2) Our Souls nonstop searching for peaceful sounds
3) People worldwide can’t stop feeling the vibe

Our souls people needs the vibe and the vibe needs our souls!

Only Love for Music people! Only Love we need

we are Child of House

Find us :



Kyveli · Dizharmonia

Dizharmonia was inspired and influenced by modern sounds of techno and oldschool sounds of progressive music scene to create tracks aromatised by atmospheric and wicked synths and strings,aggressive basslines and tight drums


Dizharmonia is made up of Sotiris and Sokratis two Greeks from Athens sharing the same love for Deep Melodic Techno sound.Inspiration and influence is gathered by by modern sounds of techno and oldschool sounds of progressive to create tracks aromatised by atmospheric and wicked synths and strings,aggressive basslines and tight drums.

Teho, Ceas & Aalson – Hysteria [Original Mix]

For the twentieth release, Teho, Ceas and Aalson teamed up for a brand new track called Hysteria. Each of them, with their own influences, added his personal musical touch to make a pretty versatile title. The result is more than coherent! Dreamy, energetic, catchy, we can find a lot of adjectives to define Hysteria, but the best is to make your own opinion!
Enjoy! Petites Pépites

Elska – Mr Violet [Original Mix]


From Old Norse elska, from Proto-Germanic *aliskōną (“to care for, cultivate, cherish”), from Proto-Germanic *aliskaz (“dear, precious”), from Proto-Germanic *al- (“to spur, drive, be enthusiastic”), from Proto-Indo-European *el-, *lā- (“to drive, move, go”).

Verb, to love
elska (third person singular past indicative elskaði, third person plural past indicative elskaðu, supine elskað)

Monolink – Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix)

You get a phone call from the queen with a hundred heads
She says that they’re all dead
She tried the last one on
It couldn’t speak, fell off
And now she just wanders the halls
Thinking nothing‚ thinking nothing at all

Once there was a man
Who had a little too much time on his hands
He never stopped to think that he was getting older
When his night came to an end
He tried to grasp for his last friend and pretend
That he could wish himself health on a four-leaf clover

The Arabat Spit or Arabat Arrow is a spit which separates a large, shallow and very salty system of lagoons named Syvash from the Sea of Azov. The spit is located between the Henichesk Strait to the north and the north-eastern shores of Crimea to the south. Wikipedia

Arabat arrow.jpg