In Learning – in gratitude

OK, here’s more food for thought. I want to share with you my first experience with an adventurous photographer. As a young boy I was an avid alpinist. I summitted The Popocatepetl (17,800 ft) in Puebla, Mexico back in 1977 when I was 15 years old. Our guide and friend of my parents was Juan Guzman, (born Hans Gutmann, 1911-1982). A very kind and interesting man with a keen eye. Photography was the journal, for all his amazing adventures. When we summitted, with impending clouds on the horizon, he told me, “One doesn’t always have time to write, but one can take … Continue reading In Learning – in gratitude

The Oregon House – Yachats, Oregon.

The Oregon House Book your next family reunion or company retreat at the gorgeous Oregon House property. Comprised of five separate cottages and perched at the point where the forest meets the sea, this secluded, village-like community sleeps up to 28 people – while still allowing everyone to enjoy a unique sense of privacy. Visit Continue reading The Oregon House – Yachats, Oregon.

5 things a space traveler must know

Space has it all. There is room for it all. The infinite expanse is there for you to explore, however here are five things you must know. The Overview Effect. It’s what happens when you see earth from space. There are no short trips in space, only long and longer, or forever. The odds are you will only go once. Make the most of it. Everything is far away. Continue reading 5 things a space traveler must know