HOSH & Tone Depth – Airwolf [fryhide]

It’s hard to imagine HOSH and Tone Depth have only known each other for a year. In fact, they produced “Express” the very first time they met. Both characters shine through very obviously. After this first very intensive year in which friendship and artistic alchemy developed, it was time to go back to the studio, the outcome being “Airwolf”. We are happy to present you both of these in one EP. Beatport: https://bit.ly/fh019 https://www.fryhide.com https://www.facebook.com/fryhide https://www.Instagram.com/fryhide @hosh @tone-depth Continue reading HOSH & Tone Depth – Airwolf [fryhide]

HOSH – Ride [fryhide]

A fascinating musical mind, HOSH crafts alluring sound waves that lift crowds with magnetism. Taking any audience on a galactic trip is no easy feat. After a decade of worldwide touring and dedication to the art, he makes it look simple. It takes time in the game and understanding listeners to attain HOSH’s mastery of matching mood to production. With his German heritage, creative roots in Spain and a resolutely global outlook, HOSH has made a melodic mark in the scene, conjuring countless smiles along the way. The energy of a HOSH set is that of a collapsing star: intense … Continue reading HOSH – Ride [fryhide]