Lorrie Morgan – Watch Me

Lorrie Morgan – Watch Me

I was reading ilonas, easydiet.blog http://www.easydiet.blog post about leaving when it’s time to go. I started chuckling and thought, “Lorrie Morgan”.

It’s funny how things stick. It’s from a while back, but the sentiment is timeless. Sometimes you have to show them what life would be like without you.

Watch Me
Lorrie Morgan

The more I needed, the less you gave
I guess you thought that it worked that way
And now that I’m leaving
You’re not believing
A word I say

If you think I won’t go
Watch me
Oh, just watch me prove you wrong today
You don’t even know you’ve lost me
You think I’ll always stay
Oh, just watch me walk away

You keep telling me that it can’t be done
That the world is colder without someone
Yeah, it might get lonely
It might get crazy
But this time baby, I’m as good as gone

You don’t even know you’ve lost me
You think I’ll always stay
Oh, just…

Thomas Love Peacock (1785 -1866) – Beneath the Cypress Shade.


I dug, beneath the cypress shade,
What well might seem an elfin’s grave;
And every pledge in earth I laid,
That erst thy false affection gave.

I pressed them down the sod beneath;
I place one mossy stone above;
And twined the rose’s fading wreath
Around the sepulcher of love.

Frail as thy love, the flowers were dead.
Ere yet the evening sun was set:
But years shall see the cypress spread,
Immutable as my regret.

I should love to be loved

Declaration of Love.
1889-1891. Oil on canvas. 
The Tretyakov Gallery, 
Moscow, Russia.
Vladimir Makovsky

I am neither infant nor happy grandfather
Nor parent, nor lover
Of anyone, of anyone.
I am, as every man is, Majesty,
The North Pole, the Secret, the Stranger,
The will-o’-the-wisp in the distance, the will-o’-the-wisp in the distance. 
But alas! I cannot remain this way.
I should like to show myself to the world,
So that someone sees me, so that someone sees me.

This is why I sing and I torment myself.
I should love to be loved.
I wish to be of someone, I wish to be of someone. 
Endre Ady

Vladimir Makovsky was born 26 January 1846, the son of Yegor Ivanovich Makovsky, an art collector. It was Yegor’s avid enthusiasm for art that led Vladimir, as well as both his brothers and sister, to begin practicing painting. Of the four, however, only Vladimir and his brother Constantine attained any amount of acclaim.
Vladimir Makovsky 1846 – 1920
Russia; Realism. Wiki.

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