Kamilo Sanclemente & David Barragan – Case [B4U Records]

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B4U Records ushers in the fall season with a new collaborative project from Kamilo Sanclemente & David Barragan. The former, long regarded as one of Colombia’s foremost progressive house talents has found a home on Beatfreak Recordings, Beat Boutique, Clubsonica Records, Einmusika and Parquet Recordings, while earning continued support from Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J. The latter, also hailing from Colombia and previously known as Dabeat, has now adopted his given name going forward. Much like Kamilo, David has showcased his music on a wide assortment of the underground’s highly regarded imprints, most notably Beatfreak Recordings, Proton Music and Perspectives Digital. Frequent studio partners in the past, Kamilo and David now unite for their first ever three track artist showcase entitled ‘Exosphere’.

Having recorded more than 20 original and remix productions since the inception of their partnership, the creative synergy between Kamilo and David has only grown. It’s a path which has ultimately led to what is perhaps their finest work in ‘Exosphere’. Fascinating from the start, it’s perfectly sculpted beats are dominant yet warm, anchoring what is a fluid, free flowing foundation. Delicate and profound, melodic clusters steal the air as layers of percussion move through swirling atmospherics. Subtle modulation and celestial pads advance the narrative into the second of two breaks, marrying acid like rhythms and ghosting vocal wails which precede a glowing finale.

The journey continues with the percussive vibes of ‘Tars’. Rhythmically captivating, it’s exotic layers are finely tuned as robust tones create momentum throughout the foundation. Playful arps soon become a focal point, flowing through quirky hooks as enchanting overlays heighten emotional response leading into the second act. Played out over three magical minutes, the centrepiece is a joyous affair, complete with charming melodic concepts and a flair for the dramatic, as cinematic spheres elevate mood, eventually peaking for an exhilarating drop.

The release is capped off in fine fashion with the deeper qualities of ‘Case’. Nostalgic and groovy in equal measure, Kamilo and David marry placid motifs with meditative rhythms and tranquil textures. It’s a unique and hugely compelling storyboard, perhaps one of the duo’s most reflective to date. A highly memorable creation, likely one to cap off a night and most certainly one to program for special occasions. It rounds out what is a gorgeous collection of music from the Colombian duo, one that takes B4U Records into the year’s final quarter on a high note.

Jan Blomqvist – Elephant Shunned (Solee Remix)

Jan Blomqvist, born in the 80s (not in Sweden) is a Berlin-based solo-artist and bandleader. It was him who invented concert techno: dreamy vocals and simple beats. With his band BLOMQVIST he’s into dancy electro-pop, as a solo-artist, he plays clubsoul.
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Once in a Blue Moon

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